3rd Bosphorus Bridge. Michel Virlogeux. Izmit Bay Bridge

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This issue has three parts:

1. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey. Design, construction, drawings and a rich photogallery.

Author of the article: Magdaléna Sobotková. In cooperation mainly with Dr. Jean-François Klein (T engineering), Dr. Roberto Sorge a Jacopo D´Innocenzo (Astaldi). Reviewed by Prof. Fabio Brancaleoni (University of Rome) and Assistant Prof. Pavel Ryjáček (Czech Technical University).

2. The works of the significant French personality – Mr Michel Virlogeux.

Czech Translation of the article “Eminent Structural Engineer: Michel Virlogeux – Structural Artist of Modern French Bridges“. Authors: A. B. Halpern, Prof. D. P. Bilington, USA. From the magazine Structural Engineering International. We thank IABSE for granting us permission to publish the article.

Brief overview of bridges that Mr Virlogeux has designed

3. Osman Gazi Bridge – Izmit Bay Bridge, Turkey. Design, construction, drawings and a rich photogallery.

The article about construction of a suspension bridge with the main span 1550 m. The fourth longest suspension bridge in the world.

Author of the article: Fatih Zeybek, Project Manager of the suspension bridge, OTOYOL / NŐMAYG.

We very much thank all people and companies involved for cooperation.