The magazine e-mosty (“e-bridges”) is an international, interactive, peer-reviewed magazine about bridges.

It is published quarterly – 20 March, 20 June, 20 September and 20 December.

The magazine brings original articles about significant bridges and bridge engineers from around the world. Its electronic form enables publishing of high-quality photos, videos, drawings, links etc. We aim to include all important and technical information and show the grace and beauty of the structures as well.

It is published on and can be read free of charge (open access) with possibility to subscribe.

The magazines stay available online on our website, it is possible to download them as pdf.

First six issues (from June 2015 to September 2016) were bilingual: Czech – English. Since December 2016 the magazine has been published in English only.

Our Editorial Board comprises bridge experts mainly from UK, USA, Australia. On preparation of the articles we also cooperate with other bridge experts, engineers, designers, construction companies etc.

The number of readers (and subscribers) is fast increasing worldwide with every issue. They are mostly bridge designers, architects, engineers, executives and managers from construction companies. It is also read at universities.

We provide medial support to important international conferences, charitable projects, books and other  activities.