“Three Bridges, Three Centuries”

“The spectacle of Scotland’s Forth bridges is a wonder of the modern world”


                                                  Photo: Courtesy of Transport Scotland

Queensferry Crossing.

Design. Construction. Drawings. Photo and Video Gallery.

Author: Magdaléna Sobotková

Review: Mr Naeem Hussain,  Arup Fellow | Director | Global Bridge Leader

Final Review: Mr Holger Svensson, Professor, Dresden University, Germany

Cooperation: Transport Scotland


Forth Road Bridge.

Design. Construction. Operation and Maintenance. Drawings. Photo Gallery.

Author: Magdaléna Sobotková

Review: Mr Ewan Angus, Major Bridges Director – Forth Bridges, Amey

Mr Robert McCulloch, Senior Civil Engineer (Structures) | Forth Bridges Unit – Consulting & Rail, Amey


Forth Railway Bridge.

Author: Peter Paulik PhD.

Review: Mr Robert McCulloch, Amey