Naeem Hussain. Bridges

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Naeem Hussain on Bridges as Arup Global Bridge Leader

“Thank you on behalf of many bridge engineers”. Introductory Article written by Derya Thompson

Naeem Hussain on Bridges

  • Bishopthorpe Bridge York England (+ drawings)
  • Medway Bridge Channel Tunnel Rail Link England (+ drawings)
  • Stretford Road (Hulme Arch) Bridge Manchester, England
  • Oresund Crossing Denmark Sweden (+ drawings)
  • Shenzhen Bridge and Deep Bay Link Hong Kong (+ drawings)
  • Stonecutters Bridge and approaches Hong Kong (+ drawings)
  • Jizhou Bridge – Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (+ drawings)
  • Brunei Temburong Bridge (+ drawings)
  • Queensferry Crossing Scotland *

Interview with Naeem Hussain. Magdaléna Sobotková

Detailed Naeem Hussain´s CV.

For Design, Construction and Drawings of Queensferry Crossing
please see our e-mosty March 2017 “Three Bridges – Three Centuries”.